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    Finding a Good Patent Agency

    Going through the patent application process is very complicated and in some cases can be extremely lengthy, it’s not uncommon to have the process be several years or more from start to finish. Most people do not have the time or knowledge of the process to keep track of everything during this time.

    The first thing to keep in mind when searching for a patent agency to help patent your idea is that not all patent companies will be competent in the same things. For example, knowing how to get a patent for a computer software invention is completely different from knowing how to get a patent for a chemistry invention.

    Just as any professional would not have extensive knowledge of something unrelated to their expertise, patent agencies are the same. Very often a patent agency will turn down client’s that are in fields that they have little experience with. This is entirely in your benefit and something to understand when finding a patent company.

    Probably the most common concern for someone finding a good patent agency is if that person can be trusted with such sensitive information. Like any other agency, a good patent agency such as InventHelp will have confidentiality measures and contracts in place to protect your information.

    Finding a Patent Lawyer

    Of course there will likely be a few bad apples, but that is why you should use caution when finding a patent agency. In order to be a qualified patent attorney you have to have at least an undergraduate degree in the field of patents you want to work, then pass the US patent bar exam, then graduate law school and pass the state bar exam. As long as you check for these qualifications when finding a patent agency, you will be just fine.

    When you patent your idea, it is imperative that you find a patent agency such as InventHelp who has not only the qualifications but also the experience. All that schooling will not tell a patent attorney how to write a good patent application. Always be sure to ask for a sample of a patent lawyer’s work. You should also ask all the potentials to become your patent attorney for a sample of their fee agreement, client letter, and other client correspondence.

    When you are working on finding a patent lawyer, all of this information is vital to your decision. If something in the patent lawyer’s paperwork doesn’t make sense, or seems unprofessional, this could be a cause for concern and need clarification.

    When you have all the information on the patent attorneys then you need to decide which of this information is most important to you. Your interviews and decision should be based on this list of priorities. Finding a patent lawyer is not difficult, you just need to know what you want in a patent lawyer.

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  • How to Conduct a Patent Search

    How to Conduct a Patent Search

    Completing a patent search is a common part of the patent application process. But this would lead any inventor to a few questions. Why should you do a patent search? Where do you do a patent search? And how to do a patent search? Look no further for the answers.

    Why Conduct a Patent Search

    There are really two reasons to perform a patent search, and done repetitively throughout the patent application process. The standard internationally for making pending patent applications public to search is at least 18 months from the filing date. This means that when you do a patent search there are a large number of patent applications that have not been made available yet.

    The second reason why to do a patent search is so that you don’t waste your time. If someone else has a patent on your exact idea that is active for another ten years, then the expense and time of the patent application process might be a bad plan for that idea. Another reason of why to do a patent search is that you can use a combination of keywords, numbers, and expressions that would take dozens of searches otherwise. It is very well described in this article at https://sites.duke.edu/perspective/2018/11/12/bringing-ideas-to-the-world-with-inventhelp/.

    How to Conduct a Patent Search

    Where Can You Conduct a Patent Search

    One of the easiest places to perform a patent search is with Google Patent Search. This is a very general patent search using only general keywords, but will give you an idea of whether a patent exists or now. In this basic patent search, you come up with something that resembles your idea all you need to do is note down the patent number. Then head to the US Patent & Trademark Office to locate that patent in full detail. When finding out where to do a patent search you will find many options, you just need to pick one.

    How to Conduct A Patent Search

    All you need to do for a patent search is locate the service and enter as many or as few keywords as you want. This will take you to any possible matches, and you can sort out if any of them fit your idea. Once you click on an idea from the patent search results, it will take you to a page with the title, abstract description and application date. If you feel it’s a good match, you can click on it for further details.

    If any of these ideas are relevant to yours, its time for the professional opinion of a patent expert. This is how to perform a patent search, but it is always better to hire a professional patenting agency such as InventHelp. Keep in mind that if you don’t do one yourself, you run the risk of a patent examiner discovering something in the middle of the patent application process, and the filing fees are non-refundable.

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  • Protect Your Ideas, Patent Your Invention

    Protect Your Ideas, Patent Your Invention

    How to Patent An Invention

    What do you do when you have the next great idea? The invention that could change the way people do things and impact the world. Getting a patent for your invention will protect your idea. Some people choose to hire a patent lawyer in order to help them through the process of getting a patent for their invention, because the process can be complicated.

    Although complicated if you choose to pursue a patent on your own, here are a few basics and how to patent your invention to get you started.The first thing you need to do is determine whether your invention is marketable. Assuming that it is, you’ll want to complete a patent search to make sure that a patent does not already exist.. You can complete a search on the website for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Then you should determine if the invention is patent-worthy.

    There are several different types of patents and its important to know which one to file. Utility patents are for machines or mechanical processes. Design patents cover a new design for a manufactured item. Finally a plant patent may be granted for a person who invents, discovers or reproduces a new variety of plant. You will need to record specific information about your idea for the patent examiner. This is where a patent lawyer might be a big help for you can process the paperwork yourself. Write down a thorough description of your invention, with drawings if applicable. It is all described in details on https://wp.nyu.edu/dispatch/2018/11/12/inventhelp-the-vibrant-business-of-inventing/ too.

    Protect Your Ideas, Patent Your Invention

    It is also imperative that you have evidence of the earliest date you conceived of this invention, if someone else submits for a patent at the same time, this proof would be the deciding factor on who gets the patent. Once your application is filed, it will be assigned and directed to a patent examiner for analysis. This process typically takes a year or more from the filing date. The examiner will do an independent search for existing patents.

    If they find something they consider is similar to your invention; they may reject the patent application. If you have a patent attorney they can issue a reply to have the case considered again, or you can do so on your own. Multiple rejections are not unusual and at some point you can schedule an in-person interview to discuss the patent application. This is an overview of the things that you need to plan for to successfully get a patent for your invention. This should help you determine if you need help from professional company such as InventHelp or want to go it alone. With some diligence and hard work, that patent for your invention will be rightfully yours in as little time as possible.

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  • Which is better to go for PCB electronics and design solutions

    Which is better to go for PCB electronics and design solutions

    In the new millennium there has been a rapid change of technological trends. Almost all types of devices today have PCBs and there is a huge demand for PCB services. Some customers buy for a complete electronic solution, and some require custom PCB production services.

    There are two methods of manufacturing and assembling PCB methodologies, ie, Turnkey PCB Manufacturing Solutions and Consigned PCB Manufacturing Solutions. Today, customers are largely seeking a holistic approach, where components and inputs are needed for the fabrication process. Manufacturers themselves are responsible for completing the order until the PCBs are delivered to the buyers safely.

    Since most end-users are buying a cost-effective solution with high quality assurance and a fast turnaround, the PCB Assembly is trend is showing a gradual negative graph. A complete turnkey assembly is more desirable for producing high and low tones and prototypes.

    Which is better to go for PCB electronics and design solutions

    As in the research, the reason why the complete Turnkey is key in the request is that EMS, OEM and PCB fabricators have an effective established supply chain with a strong supplier management system. Other reasons for this are scale economies at the time of shedding of PCB production, the risk of poor quality is minimized and PCBs are produced using the latest technology in the process.

    Many even decide to go to the full of PCB fabrication and assembly when they are prone to new innovations or new products. Therefore, for PCB delivery according to customer requirements, this is the focal point of focus in both types of PCB assembly process.

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  • Knowing the PCB customer is important

    Knowing the PCB customer is important

    The manufacture of PCBs is never a single production type and the producer has to match the market demand with design, diversity and delivery! For this, it becomes paramount for a company to know its customers and their demand.

    Adherence to quality and commitment to meeting deadlines speaks for itself in this business and only professionals can prove their worth at this level. These are the most identifiable traits of international players in any business and is particularly true in the case of PCB manufacturing. The startup may have happened in China but may go to other nations like Canada, USA or others.

    Knowing the PCB customer is important

    It is always advisable to order printed circuit boards or hard and flexible printed circuit boards from know PCB manufacturing company. This is to ensure you get the best out of some of the best printed circuit board manufacturing inventories in the world. However, when ordering PCBs, you should refer to the production data, design form, price, and delivery date with the order receiving technician.

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  • Printed Circuit Board Production Importance

    Printed Circuit Board Production Importance

    Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Printed Circuit Board Assembling services is offered by various PCB Manufacturers with the objective of producing multilayer, double and single sided printed circuits. There are various PCB manufacturers offering Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services that ensure quality Printed Circuit Boards and Printed Circuit Board Assembling.

    The PCB assembly manufacturer offers world class manufacturing and assembling to its clients and customers around the world. The companies establish their name in the world market by providing best of services. Along with highest quality products, PCB manufacturers offer fastest services.

    Printed Circuit Board Production Importance

    Be it manufacturing or delivering, every application is done with jet speed. The delivery systems are very well executed and products are shipped on the same day of order. Pricing of products is done keeping in mind the assorted list of clients and customers. The cost effective and high quality Printed Circuit Boards fulfills different needs at affordable prices.

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    Patent Registration Is As Valuable As Your Ideas

    A valuable idea is always the most valued possession of a person and if the idea has got the potential to bring some commercial benefits then it becomes necessary to preserve it. The concept of ownership is same for all the countries as every single person with a valuable idea or invention wants to own it so that no other person can claim it later. All we need to do to claim an ownership is to adopt a legal way about it. The best way to secure protection for our ideas is to get a patent or secure a trademark for the product related to it. Patent trademarks cover the identifier who comes up with a new idea or invention. The person who secures the patent for a product gets the right to sell it for getting financial profits and you can read more about it at https://www.davidicke.com/article/501936/choosing-inventhelp-help-invention.

    However the first step to get the patent is to get a patent application and do the patent registration. Many of us harbor this wrong notion that we can secure the patent simply by applying for it. But the first step in order to get a patent is to go for the patent registration. It is only after we register our ideas for patent, the whole process starts underway. The officials related do a thorough check up of the documents before they award the patent.

    A patent trademark is a name, symbol, design or a symbol which differentiates one product from the other. They extend legal protection to a person who has created ha concept so that no other person or group can claim the ownership of that concept. A trademark adds to the market value of a product as they are synonymous to the brand value of the product. The more popular a trademark is, the more people will tend to buy that good. Hence a trademark helps to increase the commercial viability of a particular good. However one must not get confused as patents and trademarks are two different legal tools with the same fundamental motive as described in the article on https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/10/19/start-business/.

    But whatever the difference may be, one must go for the patent registration of the product the moment we come up with any new idea or concept. After patent registration, we can use the term ‘patent pending’ to imply that the given product is registered for a patent. This allows us to start the production immediately without worrying about the intellectual theft of our ideas.

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