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    How to Know if a Patent is Worth the Investment

    Patents are not easy to get. They require a lot of work and money and then you are not even guaranteed you will get one. From beginning to end a patent (whether technology, design, software, or hardware) can cost around $25,000. If you have a very simple invention it could be a bit lower. Some can run as high as $50,000.

    Some of the factors you need to consider are:

    • Will a patent increase the value of my company to potential investors?
    • Is my competition on the verge of filing a patent on a similar product?
    • Do I need some lead time to get my invention completed?

    Increase Value of Your Company:

    If any of these things are applicable you may want to spend the money to get a patent. For instance if you own a company that can build this product, you may be able to get financing from a bank or from investors if you have a patent on the product.

    People will feel more secure putting their money into your idea if they feel it stands a chance to pay off in the long run. A patent would help.

    Beat Competitors to the Punch:

    If you feel that your competitors are biting at your heals with a similar invention, this may be a time when a patent is really worth the money. You can file a provisional patent application which does not even require you to stay specific claims.

    You would have a year in which to file a full patent application on your invention. You may want to talk to a patent agency like InventHelp or attorney before filing this so that you do not limit yourself on what you can file on your full application.

    Do I Need Some Lead Time?

    If the invention is not completely ready yet, you can file a provisional patent to give yourself another year to pull the details together. Again this just sort of holds your competition back a little to give you more time to pull your plan together.

    Be Aware of This:

    Just because you have a patent does not mean that another company cannot steal your idea. There is no patent police. You are responsible for protecting your own patent. If you are getting a patent on a software program, it will be very hard to detect patent infringement because most company’s keep their algorithms hidden.

    The only way you may find out about infringements is to steal their coding. This could lead to legal problems for you and the matter was very well explained on https://gazettereview.com/2018/12/change-world-invention-turning-inventhelp/ article.

    Getting a patent is expensive and a massive undertaking. Think about the things talked about in this article and if you still feel that you want a one then a patent is really worth the money.

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    Why is patent protection necessary?

    Many of us spend several years and work very hard in order to make an invention. But do you think that your invention is safe and protected? The answer is no. So in order to protect your invention, you should take the help of patent attorney. Registering a patent is not only time consuming but is also a challenging task and hence, it should be done with great attention and care. The patent attorneys are there to help prevent someone else from wrongfully claiming that the invention is theirs.

    Patenting your invention prevents other people, your competitors, from copying and implementing the product. As the patent owner, you can dispose of your invention by selling the patent application, patent right – entirely or partially, as well as license the use of it as was explained on https://www.advfn.com/newspaper/advfnnews/49381/get-your-business-started-with-inventhelp in details.

    Patenting is crucial for individuals planning on selling or licensing their invention to a manufacturing company. In fact, the companies usually will refuse to work with the inventor, if he or she has not applied for a patent. Remember, that your novelty is not completely protected until you obtain the regular patent.

    Today you can find many firms such as InventHelp, that are engaged in promoting ideas of the inventors to the manufacturing companies, which are not too concerned about finding novelties. However, promotion of the idea by its inventor is also possible.

    Before you officially apply for a patent, consider carrying out a patentability search. This is something that will save your time and money, in case a similar patent was already issued to somebody else. Patentability search is aimed at finding prior art, in case it exists. The first step is searching through the Internet; you can start from the official website of USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

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    Some Points to Ponder when Choosing International Shipping Companies

    Exporting/importing goods from one place to another is always a complication. Especially if you are running a business and in need of frequent shipping services, then it sure is a stumbling block, and need to run proper research before selecting the ideal service provider.

    Always choose the best from the international freight companies based on your needs. This will make sure that the material reaches safely and that too before the designated time frame. And in case you need warehousing facilities or want to get many goods from China to US, an integrated transportation company can be of immense help to you.

    Before choosing a reliable company for international shipping, you should check whether the company is insured and, whether they have the license. This is very important because there are a lot of fake companies out there. Since your business is involved in this, be very mindful while choosing a shipping service. A few illegitimate courier services have been known to loot their consignments and disappear, and we are left helpless after the act.

    There could be times when you want your product delivered in one day. Shipping time from China to US can take a long if you choose to send goods with a freight ship or you can get quick delivery using air transport services. In such cases, you must check whether the company you have chosen provides options for fast shipping? Not many companies provide fast delivery options.

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    Why Air Freight Solutions are an Important Part of Good Logistics Strategy

    Shipping for businesses used to be simple. Freight got packed onto a pallet and set on the truck, boat, or railroad car and that was it. A set time-frame was never a problem and nothing more was expected. As business, technology, and transport have advanced, so has shipping. Now there are more options than ever for shipping. Air transport has been added to the mix. It is faster and in many situations more affordable compared to classical methods.

    Shipping goods to another state for many years had been limited to ships, truck and rail only. If something needed to be transported overseas or brought in from another country for example from China to USA, it was loaded on the boat and then onto a truck or railroad car. Air transport changed all that, you can today to request shipping goods from China and you are already getting the next day delivery to USA or anywhere on the planet.

    Companies can easily get lost amidst the abundance of choices for air freight from China to USA and end up with less than ideal shipping solutions. 3rd party providers offer air freight solutions as a way to assist businesses with their shipping. By giving your transport details to a third party service provider and letting them find the best routes for you, you free your staff up to handle other essential processes.

    Rates, routes, and carriers are all compared to come up with an the best solution for each transport. Typically, your small business is given several options to choose from and the selected one is set up through the provider. Air could be part of the overall process if it’s beneficial. However, air shipping won’t be included if boat, truck, or rail has more benefits. In many situations, multiple transport methods will be combined for the most optimal solution. The convenience offered by these services takes the workload from a business and makes their shipment process more straightforward.

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