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    Which is the best choice for producing PCBs and design solutions?

    Some customers end up buying a complete electronic solution, while others require a customized PCB service. There are two methodologies for manufacturing and assembling PCBs, ie PCB production solutions based on “turnkey” and “submitted” PCB manufacturing solutions.

    Today, customers are mostly looking for a holistic approach, whereby the components and input elements required for the production process are agreed by the manufacturers themselves and are responsible for completing the order as long as PCBs are not shipped to customers in a safe manner.

    For customers looking for a customized electronic solution, demand for a PCB assembly where raw materials are agreed with customers, but the PCB manufacturer performs manufacturing and assembly. As most end-users buy a cheap high-quality, fast-paced electronic solution, the trend of PCBs is showing a gradual negative graph. The “turnkey” installation is more desirable for both high, low and prototype performance.

    Companies always use prototypes to pre-test PCBs before entering production. For entrepreneurs, it is a key process for assembling a PCB prototype. Proper investing in getting a prototype is often Ahil’s fifth company. This is the reality that we must constantly repeat.

    Another reason for making a prototype PCB assembly is to prove product efficiency. The consumer product to be built from the components in the production process requires significant investments. Prototype costs can be a great source of savings by checking the features and benefits of a product before spending any formatting tools. As the prototype improves and finishes, it will quickly take on the look of products on the market.

    Many even decide on the complete “turnkey” PCB assembly services when it comes to new innovations or the launch of new products. Therefore, delivery of PCBs to customer requirements is a central point in both types of PCB assembly process.

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