All you need to know about blown head gaskets

Blown Head GasketBlown head gaskets can cause a lot of trouble, and sleepless nights if the car engine is not properly taken care off. However, it’s not all the car owner’s fault; the problem has been furthered by the use of aluminum cylinder heads. Aluminum expands at a much higher rate than other metals (e.g. iron), and thus places a lot more stress on the gasket head.

So how can you tell that you have a blown head gasket problem in your car? The following are some of the common signs that should let you know there is trouble brewing under the hood:

1. Extremely white smoke billowing from the exhaust. This is a sign that you gasket is letting coolants leak into cylinders, something it shouldn’t allow. White smoke is a sure sign of a blown head gasket.

2. Overheating car. If your car tends to overheat more than it usually does, then it’s a gasket problem. The coolant may seem to be vanishing at a faster rate, and sometimes will form coolant puddles on the ground. If you see this, all signs point towards a failed gasket.

3. Power shortage in your car. Sometimes, your car may experience power failure, which in essence may be masking the real problem, a blown head gasket. This will cause the engine coolant to stop the spark plugs from firing correctly, thus your car will sputter and churn endlessly.

4. Fluid leakages. If you notice that the coolant is flowing from the side or back of the engine, then your first thought should be towards the head gasket. The amount of fluid leaking may be significant, so you shouldn’t take your time before checking it out.

5. Traces of engine coolant in oil. When the head gasket of a car is blown, the engine coolant will more often than not be found in the oil of the vehicle. The oil will have a brown color and consistency about it, much like chocolate. Check the oil using the dipstick, if it looks like brown sludge, then your gasket’s blown.

So if these are your symptoms too, maybe your first option should be to try a head gasket sealer. To point you in the right way with head gasket sealers, for sure one the best is the BlueDevil head gasket sealant. There are some really great reviews about it online.

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