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Build muscle mass by Using the Body as Resistance

Do you not want to get a gym subscription or buy equipment for your home but still want to get muscle mass? You are not alone in this quest to get muscle mass without weights. Lots of people don’t believe that its possible to get muscle mass without having the gym equipment. However, what they don’t know then, is that Olympic Gymnasts use just their bodies as weight. If you would like to find out how to acquire muscle without the crazy equipment, you can check the internet, which will take some time to look through various workouts, or, you can read on.

The new method of getting the biggest body possible is to use heavy weights while performing fewer repetitions. There is some truth to this, but I’m almost sure you’ve seen a really skinny person go through fifty to sixty pushups without batting an eye. Try not to get caught up in the lure of having to use expensive equipment to get in shape so much so that you even forget the basics about bodybuilding. Basic bodybuilding is simply gaining muscle without using weights or in other words bodybuilding with bodyweight. Stick with tactics that you know will work. Its in your best interest to start with the basics and work up, even though it’ll take time and effort.

The next part of the misconception made above states that you use more weight during the exercise. This is while believing that you can get enough resistance using your body so that you grow muscle. This is false because its entirely possible to acquire muscle mass without the use of weights. Are you able to do one-legged squats? How about one-arm pull-ups? Or one-arm push-ups. These kinds of exercises give you the same amount of resistance and are equivalent to, or maybe even better than, using weights, as they both have the same purpose, which is to break muscle down. Some even find that the exercises that use more weights aren’t as effective as the ones that don’t. This point is defended by saying that the use of weights causes your movements to be less graceful without them, and the movements aren’t as natural.

The last component applies whether or not you use weights: diet. This is what lets your body to support your growing muscles. Only have healthful foods that have lots of protein. With a proper diet, exercise without equipment will help and you can get the body that you’ve wanted, and your equipment will be with you at all times!

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