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Sandstone- Choose the Right Sandstone Product for Your Home

Sandstone is a tremendously popular choice for builders and renovators. It has been one of the most rugged, beautiful and popular building materials. One must always consider using sandstone while building a home, renovating, extending, or re-decorating.

The quality that makes it a very good choice for building and paving material is its softness and ease to work with. These stones vary in colors and are available in a wide range of colors such as white, grey yellow and red.

Sandstone offers numerous uses. These can be operated for creating grindstones for blades sharpening. Sandstone tiles and pavers are very light and look great and vibrant. Sandstone tiles are made up of sedimentary rock which is composed of small grains linked with a binding material like calcite, quartz, or iron oxide.

Because of its consistency and workability, people have been using sandstone for thousands of years. The reason why they are so popular in housing design is because they come in a wide range of colors and textures as discussed above.

Sandstone tiles are used for flooring in all levels of homes or as pier caps on outdoor walls. One can find them in bungalows, big mansions, federation houses. The biggest bonus of these stones is its design features. They are guaranteed to withstand and survive in any home environment.

The three major areas where sandstone is used are:

1. As a building material
2. For monuments and tombstone
3. In paving and tiling

One of the biggest reasons of the popularity of sandstone as a building material is its durability and capability of handling heavy weights, thereby making it a great material for building supports and foundations. It is widely used in the construction of tiles- both functional as well as decorative. The main attraction of sandstone paver is its durability and strength. Their maintenance is required only rarely. Though it is a very hard stone but it can be easily cut to size and carved into a number of artistic formations. It is an ideal stone for architectural and commemorative stonework including tombstones, pillars, fountains, garden furniture.