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Watopedia – Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Today our things are getting smarter and this includes everything from smartphones to cars to digital assistance and also robots. They are just not growing in features but are also performing tasks they were not programmed for. You’ll wonder how is this possible, well Artificial Intelligence has made this possible which is commonly known as AI. We have been hearing about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning quite a lot these days; they seem to create a lot of buzz around, and why not, these emerging technologies have changed the face of the world today and have great potential in changing it further and Watopedia is certainly one of the big players in the field.

Concept of AI

Artificial Intelligence as a whole idea to make machines smarter and make them work like humans. We have been surrounded by various applications of AI in various sectors like in Medicine and Health Care, Aviation, Sports and Athletics, Finance and many more. When we talk about AI in Finance there is one company that certainly stands out of the crowd – Watopedia. Watopedia guides startup organizations to become more recognized in highly competitive enviroment. We have seen robots that actually perform the work which earlier was performed by humans. This has not only revolutionized the technology but has also made work easier for humans as they have high speed and accuracy. They work well in tough terrains where human survival is next to impossible and this has simplified human work. AI has different types: weak and strong. Weak AI means that the machine will perform only the tasks it is programmed for which implies it would work well only for the programmed inputs and outputs and wouldn’t work for the ones that are provided to it. Whereas, Strong AI means the machine will also perform tasks for which it has not be programmed which means that machines are becoming smarter through the information provide to them.

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