what happens after breast augmentation

What Happens After Breast Augmentation

There are many factors that go into easing the process of recovery after any surgery. The main ingredients are preparation, pain management, help, and patience with yourself until you get back to operating at full capacity. Many of the concerns for their outcome occur and grow out of the stories that they’ve heard from friends and from their online search for information. What they don’t realize is that there is always the chance of complications with any surgery. In addition, there are many appearance and sensation effects that are common to the breast augmentation surgery that gradually diminish and some that will not. Patience during the process of recovery begins with preparation. You can ask all the questions you want of your surgeon and you can look up the many ways he or she can enhance your chest. However, recognizing the possibilities and being aware of what is normal and what is a warning sign can help to put your mind at ease.

All of the female patients understand that swelling is to be expected after breast enhancement, but what about the other things that happen? A few of the temporary results that cause anxiety and questions seem to pop up everywhere. Some women notice the height of their implants and want to know how long they have to wait for them to “drop”. Some women notice a cone-like appearance to the implant. All of the issues of anxiety about the overall shape of the new implants are all related to waiting for them to settle into a more natural position. After the skin has been stretched and the pectoral muscle repositioned, the breasts can take on an unnatural shape for a while. This is very common, but, similar to any other surgery, as long as there is no pain and it goes away with the swelling, it will not have any permanent effects.

what happens after breast augmentation

Another type of concern focuses on the implants themselves. Often immediately following bandage removal, women notice that their chest seems very firm and they are concerned that it will never subside. This can be caused by position of implant or an over filling of the implant that will give the breasts a tight feel. The pulling and stretching of the skin is what actually gives the tight, shiny appearance to your chest. In addition to the tight appearance of one’s chest, some patients complain about a gurgling sound in their chest. This has been explained as air pockets where the implant has been placed. It is difficult to listen to while your body adjusts, but it will eventually go away. Much like all of the physical oddities that can occur after surgery only time, ace bandage and rest will help your body heal and adjust to the breast augmentation change.

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