Why Air Freight Solutions are an Important Part of Good Logistics Strategy

Shipping for businesses used to be simple. Freight got packed onto a pallet and set on the truck, boat, or railroad car and that was it. A set time-frame was never a problem and nothing more was expected. As business, technology, and transport have advanced, so has shipping. Now there are more options than ever for shipping. Air transport has been added to the mix. It is faster and in many situations more affordable compared to classical methods.

Shipping goods to another state for many years had been limited to ships, truck and rail only. If something needed to be transported overseas or brought in from another country for example from China to USA, it was loaded on the boat and then onto a truck or railroad car. Air transport changed all that, you can today to request shipping goods from China and you are already getting the next day delivery to USA or anywhere on the planet.

Companies can easily get lost amidst the abundance of choices for air freight from China to USA and end up with less than ideal shipping solutions. 3rd party providers offer air freight solutions as a way to assist businesses with their shipping. By giving your transport details to a third party service provider and letting them find the best routes for you, you free your staff up to handle other essential processes.

Rates, routes, and carriers are all compared to come up with an the best solution for each transport. Typically, your small business is given several options to choose from and the selected one is set up through the provider. Air could be part of the overall process if it’s beneficial. However, air shipping won’t be included if boat, truck, or rail has more benefits. In many situations, multiple transport methods will be combined for the most optimal solution. The convenience offered by these services takes the workload from a business and makes their shipment process more straightforward.